Finally, after more than 30 years of closed doors, the small town of Castelfidardo,
Italy, home of the greatest Accordion-Makers, has once again begun production of the Sonola accordions:
The magnificent “magi color tone” Instruments.

SS 20 Magic Color Tone white-black
Mustang II
SS 20 /B
SS 20 Magic Color Tone all black
SS 15
SS 14 Sonolight
SS 19 Sonolight
SS 20 Magic Color Tone
SS 20 Magic Color Tone all black pearl
Rusga Deluxe
SS 11

Our Process

Sonola's accordions owe their success to the care with which each component is crafted. The instruments are made without exception in Castelfidardo. The quality of Sonola stands for tradition, craftsmanship, passion and constant research as well as development. Previously awarded, today even better! Each accordion is a musical instrument rich in history and craftsmanship. Among the elements that characterize Sonola production is undoubtedly the quality of the individual components and their processing. This results in a powerful sound and unsurpassed beauty. One of the innovations is the patented "magi color tone" with special sound development.
The principles of craftsmanship and innovation pursued by Sonola since the company was founded are applied both to the interior and to the aesthetics of the instrument. High-quality and extremely valuable wood with noble lacquerings and ornaments, which give robustness and shine. Powerful materials such as Mother-of-pearl and leather are just some of the details that give Sonola accordions their exclusivity. The optimal ergonomics of each model are carefully designed so that the instrument has the ideal weight and maneuverability that allow the musician to to express his skills and talent to the highest degree.

The beauty of tradition...

For an unmistakable silhouette!

Everybody is talking about Sonola!

Made in Castelfidardo!

Elegance Ahead...

Out of the shadow...

Experience Sonola.

So chic, so stylish...

Creating beauty...

Where beauty beats...

Played once, because when you tried the best, once is enough!

All under the banner of Italian manufacturing excellence!

In perfect balance between tradition & innovation, an exclusive and elegant appeal.

Accordion with unique personality

Design with character, umistakeable...

Sonola faces the present (and the future) with the logo that distinguishes it. Always.

Unique Emotion...

True Story, original brand!

The symbol of an elegant exclusivity...

The future belongs to those who have a great past...

We finish this accordion by hand. Even the components that are not seen. Sonola!

Best wood!

Never forget the value of the accordion...

Eternal values...

Like a precious pearl...

Italian Excellence!

We believe in people because with trust and passion high quality product can be made Sonola!

A history of uniqueness...

The best then, better now...

Sonola - The great name in Accordions

Sonola - Some style is legendary¨

Distinguised Accordions!

The past was never this new and exciting

Our History

The protagonists in this new chapter in the history of the accordion are two emigrants from Castelfidardo. The brothers Aurelio and Gino Cupido who, since the 30s, operated in the USA in the trade and repair of accordions. Back home, together with Alfredo Guidobaldi and Alfredo Petromilli, they took advantage of the favorable climate to start a new business, founding “La Sonola”.